Custom Concrete Coatings

“I finally enjoy walking into my garage.”
- John M.
Newly textured and finished garage floor.Hickory
Floor sealed with dark textureLarge shop with textured coating applied to the concrete slab.

Unlimited Color Options

In our Design Center we can create any color floor coating you can imagine to accommodate your personal style and preferences.
We keep these 6 most popular colors in stock and readily available for your convenience.
Close up of the Night Fall textured coating. (Dark grey and black flecks in a grey coating.)
Night Fall
Close up of the hickory coating: Some black, but mostly brown and tan  flecks in a light tan binding.
Closeup of the Rimrock coating: Dark flecks in a lighter binding.
Closeup of the Finish Line coating: some black, but mostly grey flecks in a white binding.
Finish Line
Closeup of the Basalt coating: Some black, but mostly tan flecks on a very light green binding.
Closeup of the Granite coating: Some black, but mostly grey and white flecks in a grey binding.
Shield Icon
We apply only commercial grade polyureas, polyaspartics, urethanes, epoxies and related products to ensure a long lasting resilient floor coating.
Icon with a raindrop, and an arrow showing it repelled by the floor.
Our coatings are highly resistant to spills such as fuels, oil, grease, road salts, and other chemicals. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain.
Icon of a ribbon with a checkmark on it.
Being on the forefront of product technology and installation with over 1 million square feet installed locally, we are confident that we offer unmatched quality.